Live Your Best Life While Doing Your Best Work

Deliver awesome while building your career with us!
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Our Purpose and Values

Deliver awesome
Optimize for speed
Use the product
Be helpful and humble
Seek collaboration
Enjoy the journey
Honest uncertainty
Passionate without ego

Our Benefits

We believe in enhancing work for everyone, including ourselves. Recognizing that peak performance aligns with a fulfilling life and sharing individual strengths, we prioritize creating conditions that enable our team members to thrive.
Flexible Time Off
Health, Dental and Vision
Work Life Balance

Our Location

We lead with flexibility and trust in our world of work. For some, home is the primary workplace. For others, our Los Gatos office in California is the primary workplace. We empower our employees to make decisions on how and when they use the workplace for team collaboration.
Headquarters located in Los Gatos, California.
Los Gatos, CA