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InStore.ai Helps People Measure and Improve In-Person Experiences

Gain insight into the pulse of your in-store experience and execution through direct customer feedback analytics.
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No Receipt at Fuel Pump
What’s the deal with those pumps out there
Yeah, we lost the key to the paper and we’ve been waiting for it for 2 months.
Car Wash Dryer Broken
I don’t take my car to the one on Washington, the dryers suck
Hmmm I was not aware of that
Bathroom is Dirty
There is toilet paper all of the floor in the ladies room
Well I just started ma’m. The other guy should have cleaned it

What Our Clients Say

"With InStore AI we’ve been able to pinpoint issues with our customer service standards and have been able to correct those in close to real time. The other cool benefit is we have identified several maintenance issues with our stores before the Store Manager or District Manager opened a ticket for that maintenance issue. We’re really excited about what InStore AI will do to elevate our guests' experience when they visit our stores."
De Lone Wilson
CEO, Cubby's
"The team at InStore.ai promised us a truly innovative solution to measure and improve employee engagement, and they exceeded our expectations! The authentic insights we now get will positively transform how we interact with customers, and each other."
Alan Meyer
CEO, Meyer Oil Co
"InStore.ai takes the ‘mystery’ out of understanding customer experience, replacing it with fact-based data that has quickly become an incredibly valuable tool as we look to better understand and improve interactions with our customers."
Jeff Beckstead
Owner, Trigon


At InStore.ai, we are driven by the vision to pioneer change, unlocking fresh insights from previously untapped interactions. Our team leverages advanced AI to transform how businesses capture and analyze customer insights, enabling quicker, more informed decisions. We are passionate about delivering outstanding results and fostering a culture of collaboration, humility, and agility. Join us as we channel real interactions into strategic assets for business evolution.

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