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Our mission is to help people measure and improve in-person experiences.
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How We Started

As  experienced entrepreneurs with silicon-valley based roots and a strong history of building and bringing to market innovative technologies, we saw an electrifying opportunity to revolutionize in-person service industries. Inspired by our transformative work in telecom and contact centers, where voice analytics drastically improved customer experiences and boosted agent performance, we knew this proven technology could do the same for in-person retail, hospitality, and other service industries.

At InStore.ai, we're not just adapting technology for retail; we’re fundamentally transforming how retail works. Imagine every in-store conversation turned into an opportunity to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. That's the future we're creating—one powerful voice interaction at a time.

We are on a mission to move the needle for the entire retail industry. With a team fueled by passion, integrity, and the thrill of innovation, we embrace challenges, cherish honest uncertainties, and thrive on collaboration. This isn’t just a company; it’s a movement.

Our Mission

We help people measure and improve in-person experiences.

Our Vision

We pioneer change with fresh insights from previously untapped interactions.

Delivering Awesome
Since 2022

We believe in the power of listening and acting on feedback to create better experiences for employees and customers. By empowering people with instant and honest, high quality feedback, we drive meaningful change that reflects the voices of their customers.

InStore.ai Leadership Team

Jay Blazensky
CEO & Co-Founder
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Marc Della Torre
COO & Co-Founder
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Emily Nave
Head of Product
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Adrien Vinches
Head of Engineering
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Julie Jackson
SVP, Fuel & Convenience
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Van Tarver
Senior Advisor
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Dave Chugg
SVP, Hospitality
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Mike Kennedy
Senior Advisor
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